Waverider buoy prior to deployment at EMEC wave test site (Credit Colin Keldie)

Metocean services

Numerical modelling

We use numerical modelling of tides, currents, waves and their interactions to reduce risk for our clients:

  • We set up, configure, calibrate/validate and run numerical wave and current models to create long (10-20 years+) timeseries of metocean parameters. The datasets are used to develop robust design and operational criteria, and in the assessment of resource availability.
  • We use numerical models in targeted case studies to answer detailed and specific questions that influence technology design and deployment, such as what wave characteristics result from given conditions.

We ensure that the measured data that is used directly in our calculations or that is used to calibrate/validate models goes through a rigorous in-house quality control process.


Data collection

Wave resource surveys

Wave data at our grid-connected and scale wave test sites comes from Datawell Directional Waverider® buoys. There are three buoys located on the grid-connected site at Billia Croo which continuously measure the sea state parameters (maximum wave height, significant wave height, energy period and peak direction) as well as their GPS position and sea surface temperature. A radio link provides a continuous feed from the buoys back to our main data centre. Data is recorded via the SCADA system to which each of our developer clients is provided access to. The SCADA system also provides a drift alarm for each buoy, utilising the GPS information.

  • Raw wave and meteorological data from Billia Croo

Tidal resource surveys

The currents at EMEC sites are observed using seabed mounted Acoustic Current Doppler Profilers (ADCP). The instruments are capable of measuring current profile with high vertical and temporal resolution. Collected data is processed using EMEC’s in-house ADCP quality control software, with all the processing steps recorded in traceable and auditable way.

  • Raw tidal stream and meteorological data from the Fall of Warness

In-situ data processing (IMPAQCT)

EMEC’s in-house software tool, IMPAQCT, follows internationally-recognised guidelines and recommended practices. IMPAQCT provides a fully traceable and auditable quality control and processing of wave and tidal resource data surveys. Outputs are fully validated to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) requirements to satisfy the needs of our accredited services.

EMEC IMPAQCT user interface for current and wave processing modules

EMEC IMPAQCT user interface for current and wave processing modules

Metocean data analysis

Our metocean data analysis services have been developed to support offshore technology developers and those operating in offshore environments.

Our experience primarily rests within the ocean energy sector in which we have over 17 years’ experience but is transferrable and applicable to other offshore sectors as well.

Our metocean data analysis services include:

  • Resource assessment to industry standards
  • Yield assessment
  • Design criteria development
  • Operational statistics

Our experts can also undertake full metocean site characterisation if required.

Benefits of data analysis:

Our data analysis services will support your technological, operational and commercial decision making:

  • Resource assessment is critical to assessing power performance of ocean energy technologies and will help forecast energy yield at different sites helping you to maximise the performance of your technology offshore.
  • Extreme value analysis is crucial to designing devices and moorings to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Operational statistics will help you plan offshore operations, reducing downtime.

Ultimately we can help you reduce the time, cost and risk of developing offshore technologies and operating offshore.








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