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We have coordinated the development of a suite of guidelines on behalf of the marine renewable energy industry. Each document has been written by an acknowledged expert and progressed by a working group with individuals representing technology developers, regulators, academia, utilities, and project developers – a true cross-section of the marine energy industry.

These draft standards and guides were released in 2009 and are freely available for download by clicking below:

1. Assessment of Performance of Wave Energy Conversion Systems*
2. Assessment of Performance of Tidal Energy Conversion Systems*
3. Assessment of Wave Energy Resource*
4. Assessment of Tidal Energy Resource*
5. Guidelines for Health & Safety in the Marine Energy Industry
6. Guidelines for Marine Energy Certification Schemes
7. Guidelines for Design Basis of Marine Energy Conversion Systems*
8. Guidelines for Reliability, Maintainability and Survivability of Marine Energy Conversion Systems
9. Guidelines for Grid Connection of Marine Energy Conversion Systems
10. Tank Testing of Wave Energy Conversion Systems*
11. Guidelines for Project Development in the Marine Energy Industry
12. Guidelines for Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing of Marine Energy Conversion Systems

The development of these standards was funded by the Scottish Government and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. View the background behind the establishment of this suite of standards. If you would like to be put in touch with the leader of the industry group that has developed the specific standard, you can do so by contacting us here.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) formed Technical Committee (TC) 114: Marine Energy – Wave and Tidal Energy Converters. Each participating nation has formed a National Committee – in the UK’s case this has been designated PEL 114. Jonathan Lindsay, EMEC is the Chairman at present.

* The guidelines asterisked have been submitted as a suggested work programme for TC 114 and are being developed into Technical Specifications. The current work programme and publications can be found here. A conformity assessment scheme for marine energy is being developed as part of the IEC Renewable Energy system.

It should be understood that International Standards take at least three years (sometimes longer) to publish, as the procedure is rather complex and involves significant consultation on an international scale. Technical Specifications are often published when the subject under question is still under development or when insufficient consensus for approval of an International Standard is available (Reference: IEC). Our documents therefore have a role to provide guidance in the interim alongside EQUIMAR protocols and reports.

For more information please download our leaflet:

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