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Wave developers

The following table contains a list of the wave energy concepts known to EMEC. This list is alphabetical by company name and is not intended to infer any endorsement by EMEC of the concept or the companies concerned. The immature nature of the industry means that some of the categorisation of devices may not perfectly fit the simplified assessment made for this website. If you have any additions or amendments, please contact us.

Note: details on the device type can be found at wave devices.

Country base
Device name
Device type
40 South EnergyItalyH24Other
Abengoa SeapowerSpainÓrganoPoint Absorber
Able Technologies LLCUSAElectric Generating Wave PipeAttenuator
Accumulated Ocean Energy (AOE)Canadapneumatic Wave Energy Converter (pWEC)Point Absorber
AdapWaveUSAPoint Absorber
Advance Ocean Energy @ Virginia TechUSAMULLETOvertopping/Terminator
AeroVironment IncUSAEel GrassPoint Absorber
Aimmer UKUKAimmerOther
Aker Solutions ASANorwayAker WECAttenuator
AlbaTERN LtdUKWaveNetAttenuator
Alternative Energy Engineering AssociatesUSAAEEA-WECSOther
AMOGAustraliaAEPPoint Absorber
Applied Technologies Company, Ltd (ATC)RussiaFloat Wave Electric Power Station (FWEPS)Point Absorber
Aqua Power Technologies LtdUKRenewable Wave Power (RWP001)Other
Aqua Vision EnergyTurkeyCarpet Off-Shore Sea Application ConceptOther
Aquagen TechnologiesAustraliaRig DrivePoint Absorber
AquaHarmonicsUSAPoint Absorber
Aqua-Magnetics IncUSAElectric BuoyPoint Absorber
Aquanet PowerTaiwanaquaWAVE, ogWAVE, blueWAVE
AquantisCaliforniaAquantis TurbinesRotating Mass
Aqua-ShiftUSAPoint Absorber
ATA EngineeringUSAAttenuator
Atargis Energy CorporationUSACycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC)Other
Atlantic Wavepower PartnershipUSAOvertopping/Terminator
Atlas Ocean SystemsUSASQ5Point Absorber
Atmocean IncUSAWES - Wave Energy SystemAttenuator
AusindChileAusind WECOther
Avium ASTurkeyYeti Cluster SystemOther
AW EnergyFinlandWaveRollerOscillating Wave Surge Converter
AWECS AttenuatorUSAAttenuator
AWS Ocean EnergyUKAWS IIIOvertopping/Terminator
Balkee Tide and Wave Electricity GeneratorMauritiusTWPEGPoint Absorber
BioPower Systems Pty LtdAustraliabioWaveOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Blue Power Energy LtdIrelandBlue Power Take Off (PTOU)Point Absorber
Bombora Wave PowerAustraliamWaveSubmerged Pressure Differential
Bosch RexrothGermanyOther
Brandl MotorGermanyBrandl GeneratorPoint Absorber
Brimes EnergyUSAJellyfishOvertopping/Terminator
Buoyant EnergyUSAOther
Cal Poly-Protean Wave Energy IncUSAAttenuator
Caley Ocean SystemsUKWave PlaneOther
CalwaveUSAWaveCarpetSubmerged Pressure Differential
CalwaveUSACalWaveSubmerged Pressure Differential
Carnegie Wave Energy LtdAustraliaCETO 6Point Absorber
Checkmate Seaenergy UK LtdUKAnacondaBulge Wave
City University of Hong Kong (CityU)ChinaTENG (Triboelectric Nanogenerator)Other
College of the North AtlanticCanadaSARAH PumpSubmerged Pressure Differential
Columbia Power TechnologiesUSAStingRAYAttenuator
Coppe Subsea TechnologyBrazilClean Energy from WavesOther
CorPower Ocean ABSwedenC4, C5Point Absorber
CorPower Ocean ABSwedenCPO2Point Absorber
Costas WaveUSACostas WaveOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Crestwing / Danyard Engineering ApsDenmarkCrestwingAttenuator
Dartmouth Wave EnergyUKSeaRaser BuoyPoint Absorber
DEXAWAVE A/SDenmarkDEXAWAVE converterAttenuator
Dresser RandUSAHydroAirOscillating Water Column
Earth by DesignUSAOther
Eco Wave PowerIsraelPower WingAttenuator
Eco Wave PowerIsraelWave ClapperAttenuator
Ecole Centrale de NantesFranceSEAREVRotating Mass
Ecomerit TechnologiesUSACentipodPoint Absorber
EcotricityUKSearaserPoint Absorber
ELGEN WaveUSAHorizon PlatformPoint Absorber
EnergysticsUSAVibristorPoint Absorber
Enorasy LabsUSARotating Mass
Etymol Ocean Power SpAChileEtymol WEC - Alfa SeriesOther
Fazzini MeccanicaItalyECOWECSubmerged Pressure Differential
Fetzer WaveUSAOther
Finima-AimmerHong KongAimmer IIIPoint Absorber
FlanSeaBelgiumWave PioneerPoint Absorber
Float IncUSARho-CeePoint Absorber
Floating Power Plant ASDenmarkPoseidon – Wave wind hybridAttenuator
Fred Olsen LtdNorwayThe B1 BuoyAttenuator
Fred Olsen LtdNorwayLifesaverPoint Absorber
Globalone SciencesUSAAttenuator
Gmax Tidal EnergyUSAOther
Green Ocean Wave EnergyUSAOcean Wave Air PistonPoint Absorber
Greenfield Techonolgies LLCUSAOther
Greenheat Systems LtdUKGentec WaTSOther
Grey Island Energy IncCanadaSeaWEEDAttenuator
Group Captain SM GhouseIndiaFree Floating Wave Energy Convertor (FFWEC)Attenuator
GwaveUSAPower Generation Vessel (PGV)Other
Hann-Ocean Energy Pte LtdSingaporeDrakooOther
Harvest Wave EnergyUSAOscillating Wave Surge Converter
HavkraftNorwayEvolver (Havkraft Wave Energy Converter – H-WEC)Other
Healy's Wave Energy ConvertorUSAOther
Hui NaluUSAOther
Hydrocap Energy SASFranceSeacapPoint Absorber
Hydrokinetic Energy SolutionsUSAOther
IHC Tidal EnergyNetherlandsWave Rotor/OceanmillOther
Impact Free WaterSouth AfricaWEROPSubmerged Pressure Differential
Independent Natural ResourcesUSASEADOGPoint Absorber
Indian Wave Energy DeviceIndiaIWAVEPoint Absorber
Ing Arvid NesheimNorwayOscillating DeviceOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Ingine IncSouth KoreaINWavePoint Absorber
Intentium ASNorwayIntentium Offshore Wave Energy ConvertorOther
Interproject Service (IPS) ABSwedenIPS OWEC BuoyOther
IOWECUSAPoint Absorber
James F MarinoUSAOther
JAMSTECJapanMighty WhaleOvertopping/Terminator
Jetty JouleUSAOther
Jospa LtdIrelandIrish Tube CompressorOther
Joules Energy Efficiency Services LtdIrelandTETRONOscillating Water Column
Joules Energy Efficiency Services LtdIrelandWave TrainPoint Absorber
Joules Energy Efficiency Services LtdIrelandTETRONOscillating Water Column
Joules Energy Efficiency Services LtdIrelandWave TrainPoint Absorber
JVA South Energy PacificChileJVA WECOther
Kinetic Wave PowerUSAPowerGinOvertopping/Terminator
KN Ocean Energy Science & DevelopmentDenmarkKNSWINGAttenuator
Kneider InnovationsFranceWave Energy PropulsionAttenuator
Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)KoreaPoint Absorber
Kozoriz Franklin California Maglev IncUSAOscillating Wave Surge Converter
KymogenUSAKymogen WECPoint Absorber
Langlee Wave PowerNorwayLanglee SystemOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Leancon Wave EnergyDenmarkLEANCON WECOscillating Water Column
Leviathan Energy WavesUSAOther
Limerick Wave LtdUKLimerick Wave PTOOther
M3 Wave LLCUSADMP DeviceSubmerged Pressure Differential
M4Wave PowerUKM4Attenuator
Maestranza DieselChileMaestranza Diesel WECOther
MakerStrongUSAeBuoyPoint Absorber
Marine Energy CorporationUSAWave CatcherPoint Absorber
Marine Hydroelectric CompanyUSAMHG (Marine Hydroelectric Generator)Other
Marine Power Systems LtdUKWaveSubPoint Absorber
Marine Power Technologies Pty LtdAustraliaEnergy IslandOscillating Water Column
Martifer EnergiaPortugalFLOWAttenuator
Maruthi PowerUSAPoint Absorber
Mermaid Power CorpCanadaNeptune 3Point Absorber
Mighty Waves Energy TeamUSAPoint Absorber
Mocean EnergyUKBlue Horizon, Sea BaseAttenuator
Motor WaveHong KongMotor WavePoint Absorber
Muroran Institute of TechnologyJapanPendulorOther
Navatek LtdUSANavatek WECAttenuator
Neptune Renewable Energy LtdUKTritonPoint Absorber
Neptune Wave PowerCanadaPoint Absorber
Next GenUSAPoint Absorber
Northwest Energy InnovationsNew ZealandAzuraPoint Absorber
Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorwayCONWECPoint Absorber
Nualgi NanobiotechIndiaRock n Roll wave energy devicePoint Absorber
Ocean Electric IncUSAWave platformPoint Absorber
Ocean EnergyIrelandOceanEnergy BuoyOscillating Water Column
Ocean Energy Industries IncUSAWaveSurferPoint Absorber
Ocean Energy Laboratory of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of SciencesChinaNeza IIPoint Absorber
Ocean Energy Laboratory of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of SciencesChinaDuckAttenuator
Ocean Energy Laboratory of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of SciencesChinaEagleAttenuator
Ocean Harvesting TechnologiesSwedenOcean HarvesterPoint Absorber
Ocean Motion InternationalUSAOMI Combined Energy SystemPoint Absorber
Ocean Power Technologies (OPT)USAPower BuoyPoint Absorber
Ocean RusEnergyRussiaOcean 160Other
Ocean RusEnergyRussiaOcean 3Other
Ocean RusEnergyRussiaOcean 640Other
Ocean Wave and Wind Energy (OWWE)NorwayWave Pump RigPoint Absorber
Ocean Wave and Wind Energy (OWWE)NorwayOWWE-RigOvertopping/Terminator
Oceanic PowerSpainSeaHeartPoint Absorber
OceanlinxChinaogWaveOscillating Water Column
OceanlinxChinablueWAVEOscillating Water Column
OceanlinxChinagreenWAVEOscillating Water Column
Oceantec Energias Marinas SLSpainOceantech Energy ConvertorAttenuator
Offshore Wave Energy Ltd (OWEL)UKOWEL WECOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Oneka TechnologiesCanadaOnekaOther
OREConUKMRC 1000Submerged Pressure Differential
Oscilla Power, IncUSATDB (magnetostrictve wave enargy harvester_Point Absorber
Ovsiankin Energy GroupUSAOther
OWEC Ocean Wave Energy CompanyUSAOWEC Ocean Wave Energy ConverterPoint Absorber
PAULEY (Phil Pauley Innovation)UKSolar Marine CellsOther
Pelagic Power ASNorwayW2PowerPoint Absorber
PerpetuwaveAustraliaXtracta (Hybrid Attenuator)Attenuator
PicoPortugalPico OWCOscillating Water Column
PIPO SystemsSpainAPC-PISYSPoint Absorber
Polygen LtdUKVolta WaveFlexOvertopping/Terminator
Polygen LtdUKOcean WaveFlexOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Pontoon PowerNorwayPontoon Power ConverterPoint Absorber
Poseidon’s KiteUSAOther
Principle PowerUSAOscillating Water Column
Protean Wave Energy LimitedAustraliaProtean WECPoint Absorber
Proyecto Sexto SolMexicoIndependent Wave Capture Module (MICO)Other
RESEN ENERGYDenmarkResen Waves LOPF buoysPoint Absorber
Resolute Marine Energy IncUSASurgeWECOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Rotary Wave SLSpainRotaryOther
Royal WaveUSAOther
RTI Wave EnergyUSARTI F2/F2DOther
RTI Wave PowerUSAOvertopping/Terminator
Rutgers Wave PowerUSACyclic Pitch Paddle WheelOther
RyokuseishaJapanWAG BuoyOscillating Water Column
SARA IncUSAMHD Wave Energy Conversion (MWEC)Other
SBM OffshoreNetherlandsS3® Wave Energy Converter Other
SDK MarineSpainSDK Wave TurbineOscillating Water Column
Sea Energies LtdIrelandSEWECOscillating Water Column
Sea Green TechnologiesUSAPoint Absorber
Sea Power International ABSwedenStreamturbineOvertopping/Terminator
Sea Power LtdIrelandSea Power PlatformAttenuator
Sea Wave Energy Ltd (SWEL)UKWaveline MagnetOther
Seabased ABSwedenLinear generator (Islandberg Project)Point Absorber
SeaNergyIsraelTurbo Outburst Power/Top Desalination SystemSubmerged Pressure Differential
SeatricityUKOceanus 2Point Absorber
Seawood Designs IncCanadaSurfPowerPoint Absorber
SEEWEC ConsortiumUKFO3Point Absorber
SeWave LtdFaroe IslandsOWCOvertopping/Terminator
Sigma EnergySloveniaMD Wave Power ConverterPoint Absorber
Sinn PowerGermanySinn Power WECPoint Absorber
Slow MillHollandSlow MillPoint Absorber
Snapper ConsortiumUKSnapperPoint Absorber
Spar BuoyPortugalSpar BuoyOscillating Water Column
Spindrift EnergyUSASpindrift Energy DevicePoint Absorber
Super Watt Wave CatcherUSAPoint Absorber
Team FLAPPERUSAOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Team TreadwaterUSAOther
The Bobber Company LtdUKManchester BobberPoint Absorber
The CyanWave Wave Energy ConverterIrelandCyanWave4Overtopping/Terminator
Tremont ElectricUSAnPower WECPoint Absorber
Trident Energy LtdUKPowerPod & PowerPod II (Linear Generator)Other
TWEFDAScotlandTWEFDA Generator
UmbraGroupItalyEMGRotating Mass
Uniturbine CorporationUSAOther
University of GenoaItalySeaspoonOther
University of Tokyo (UT)JapanWaveRudderOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Uppsala UniversitySwedenUppsala/Seabased AB Wave Energy ConvertorOther
Vigor Wave Energy ABSwedenVigor Wave Energy ConvertorBulge Wave
Vortex Oscillation Technology LtdRussiaVortex Oscillation TechnologyAttenuator
Vortex Wave PowerChileVortex Wave PowerOther
Wave DragonDenmarkWave DragonOvertopping/Terminator
Wave Electricity Renewable Power Ocean (WERPO)IsraelSDEOscillating Wave Surge Converter
Wave Energy ASNorwaySeawave Slot-Cone GeneratorOvertopping/Terminator
Wave Energy Team at Virginia TechUSAPoint Absorber
Wave Star Energy ApSDenmarkWave StarPoint Absorber
Wave Water WorksUSAOther
Waveberg DevelopmentUSAWavebergPoint Absorber
WavecoNorwaySubwaveRotating Mass
WavePlane ProductionDenmarkWavePlaneOther
Waves for EnergyItalyISWECRotating Mass
Waves RuizFranceAttenuator
Waves4Power ABSwedenWaveEL-buoyPoint Absorber
Waveswing AmericaUSAPoint Absorber
Wavy TurbineUSAOther
WedgeSpainW1Point Absorber
Wello OYFinlandPenguinRotating Mass
WeptosDenmarkWEPTOS WECOther
WILEFKOChileWilefko WECOscillating Wave Surge Converter
WITT LtdUKThe Marine WITTRotating Mass
WITT LtdUKThe Marine WITTRotating Mass
Wizards of EnergyUSAOther
Yam ProIsraelYam Pro EnergyRotating Mass

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