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Tidal developers

The following table contains a list of the tidal energy concepts known to EMEC. This list is alphabetical by company name and is not intended to infer any endorsement by EMEC of the concept or the companies concerned. The immature nature of the industry means that some of the categorisation of devices may not perfectly fit the simplified assessment made for this website. If you have any additions or amendments, please contact us.

Note: details on the device type can be found at tidal devices

Country Base
Device Name
Device Type
Andritz Hydro HammerfestNorwayHS1000Horizontal Axis Turbine
Aquantis LtdUSAAQ Series
Atlantis Resources CorpUKAR-1000Horizontal Axis Turbine
Atlantis Resources CorpUKAR-1500Horizontal Axis Turbine
AtlantisstromGermanyAtlantisstormHorizontal Axis Turbine
Balkee Tide and Wave ElectricityMauritiusTidal and Wave Power Electrical Generator (TWPEG)Horizontal Axis Turbine
BioPower System Pty LtdAustraliabioStreamOther
BluewaterNetherlandsBlueTEC (Bluewater Tidal Energy Converter)Other
Bosch RexrothGermanyHorizontal Axis Turbine
Bourne EnergyUSACurrentStarHorizontal Axis Turbine
Bourne EnergyUSAOceanStarHorizontal Axis Turbine
Bourne EnergyUSATidalStarHorizontal Axis Turbine
Centro Tecnologico SOERMARSpainPROCODAC
Cetus EnergyAustraliaCetus TurbineHorizontal Axis Turbine
Current Power ABSwedenCurrent PowerVertical Axis Turbine
Current2CurrentUKC2C Energy ConverterVertical Axis Turbine
Deepwater Energy BVNetherlandsOryon WatermillVertical Axis Turbine
Design Pro RenewablesIrelandDesignPro Renewables hydrokinetic turbineVertical Axis Turbine
EC-OGUKSubsea Power HubVertical Axis Turbine
EEL EnergyFranceEEL EnergyOscillating Hydrofoil
Elemental Energy Technology LimitedAustraliaSeaUrchinOther
Flex Marine Power LtdUKSwimmer Turbine
FlumillNorwayFlumill Power TowerArchimedes Screw
Free Flow 69UKOspreyVertical Axis Turbine
Free Flow Power CorporationUSASmarTurbineHorizontal Axis Turbine
GCK TechnologyUSAGorlov TurbineVertical Axis Turbine
Guinard Energies SASFranceMagaWattBlue
Hales Water Turbines LtdUKHales TurbineOther
Hydra Tidal ASNorwayMorild IIHorizontal Axis Turbine
Hydro Alternative EnergyUSAOCEANUS
Hydro-GenFranceHydro-GenHorizontal Axis Turbine
HydroQuestFranceHydroquest TidalVertical Axis Turbine
Hydrovolts IncUSAWF-10-15 Waterfall TurbineOther
Hydrovolts IncUSAC-12 Canal TurbineHorizontal Axis Turbine
Hyundai Heavy IndustriesKorea
IHC Tidal EnergyNetherlandsOceanMillVertical Axis Turbine
InCurrent Turbines LtdCanadaVortex Power Drive
Instream Energy SystemsCanadaVertical Axis Hydrokinetic Turbines (VAHT)Vertical Axis Turbine
Integrated Power Technology CorporationUSATURBOFOILOscillating Hydrofoil
Inyanga-TechUnited KingdomHydroWing
Jupiter Hydro IncCanadaArchimedes Screw
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LtdJapanHorizontal Axis Turbine
Kepler EnergyUKKepler TurbineOther
Leading EdgeUSOscillating Hydrofoil
Lucid Energy TechnologiesUSAGorlov Helical Turbine (GHT)Vertical Axis Turbine
Lunar EnergyUKRotech Tidal Turbine (LTT)Enclosed tips (Venturi)
Magallanes RenovablesSpainATIRHorizontal Axis Turbine
Mako Tidal TurbinesAustraliaMAKO Tidal TurbinesHorizontal Axis Turbine
Marine Current TurbinesUKSeaGen SHorizontal Axis Turbine
Marine Current TurbinesUKSeaGen UHorizontal Axis Turbine
Marine Energy CorporationUSACurrent CatcherHorizontal Axis Turbine
MinestoSwedenDeep GreenTidal Kite
ModecJapanSavonius Keel & Wind Turbine Darrieus (SKWID)Other
Natural CurrentsUSARed HawkOther
Nautricity LtdUKCoRMaTHorizontal Axis Turbine
New Energy CorporationCanadaEnviroGen/EnviroCurrentVertical Axis Turbine
Norwegian Ocean PowerNorwayH300Vertical Axis Turbine
Norwegian Tidal SolutionsStavangerThe CUBEEnclosed tips (Venturi)
Nova Innovation LtdUKNova M100Horizontal Axis Turbine
Ocean Flow EnergyUKEvopodHorizontal Axis Turbine
Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC)USAOCGenHorizontal Axis Turbine
Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC)USARivGen Power SystemHorizontal Axis Turbine
Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC)USATidGen Power SystemHorizontal Axis Turbine
Oceana Energy CompanyUSATIDESHorizontal Axis Turbine
Offshore Islands LtdUSACurrent CatcherHorizontal Axis Turbine
Open Ocean Energy LtdIrelandTidal Junior Flyer
OpenHydroIrelandOpen-Centre TurbineEnclosed tips (Venturi)
Pioneer Valley RenewablesUSUnderwater TurbineEnclosed tips (Venturi)
QED NavalScotlandSubhubOther
REAC Energy GmbHGermanyStreamCubeVertical Axis Turbine
Renewable Devices Marine LtdUKCapricon 125Horizontal Axis Turbine
Renewable Devices Marine LtdUKCapricon 5Horizontal Axis Turbine
Renewable Devices Marine LtdUKSea Otter
Renewable Devices Marine LtdUKRiver Otter
Repetitive Energy CompanyUKREPEN6Vertical Axis Turbine
ResHydroUSAHydrofoil Cascade Resonator (HCR)Oscillating Hydrofoil
RONAMIC Hydrostatic SystemsHollandTidal Range Turbine (Low Head Pump and Turbine (PaT))Vertical Axis Turbine
SABELLA SASFranceD03Horizontal Axis Turbine
SCHOTTEL groupGermanySTG (SCHOTTEL Tidal Generator)Horizontal Axis Turbine
SeaPlaceSpainFTMC TurbineOther
SeaPower GenUKSPG
Seapower scrlItalyGEMTidal Kite
SMD HydrovisionUKTiDELHorizontal Axis Turbine
Straum ASNorwayHydra TidalHorizontal Axis Turbine
Suanders Energy LtdUKPower-FrameHorizontal Axis Turbine
Sustainable Marine Energy (SME)UKPLAT-1Horizontal Axis Turbine
Tidal Energy LtdUKDeltaStreamHorizontal Axis Turbine
Tidal Energy Pty LtdAustraliaDavidson Hill Venturi (DHV) TurbineEnclosed tips (Venturi)
Tidal Sails ASNorwayTack ReachOther
TidalStream LimitedUKTriton 3 (Tidal Turbine Platform System)Horizontal Axis Turbine
TidalStream LimitedUKTriton 6 (Tidal Turbine Platform System)Horizontal Axis Turbine
TidalysFranceELECTRImar 1800Horizontal Axis Turbine
TidalysFranceELECTRImar 4200Horizontal Axis Turbine
Verdant PowerUSAFree Flow Kinetic Hydropower System (KHPS)Horizontal Axis Turbine
Vortex Hydro EnergyUSAVIVACE (Vortex Induced Vibrations Aquatic Clean Energy)Other
Vortex Power DriveUSAVortex Power Drive
Water Wall Turbine IncCanadaWater Wall Turbine - In-Flow Water Current TechnologyHorizontal Axis Turbine

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