Blog: Paul Tait on starting a new job during a pandemic

Having graduated from the University of Aberdeen in Marine Biology in Summer 2019, Paul Tait moved home to save before going travelling. Then COVID-19 hit and Paul was furloughed from his job in hospitality. Luckily for Paul (and EMEC) we advertised a maternity cover post of Environmental and Consents Officer which fitted perfectly with Paul’s Read More »

Blog: Testing the power performance of marine energy devices

Oceans offer a massive source of energy; the power harnessed from waves, tides, currents and ocean temperature differentials can be used to power homes, transport and industry. Within this past decade, the cumulative energy produced from wave and tidal stream energy alone has increased from less than 5 GWh in 2009 to approximately 45 GWh Read More »

Blog: Orkney energy revolution key to green recovery

As a proud member of Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF), we’ve been working in partnership with over the last few weeks to bring you this video highlighting Orkney’s renewable energy expertise. The video features some of the pioneering initiatives taking place in Orkney to decarbonise and build a greener, more sustainable, future for the Read More »

Blog: Neil Kermode – Future energy scenarios and sharing Orkney’s vision with the Prime Minister

My wife says I need to get out more, get away from the computer, and think less about energy. This came on the back of an admission that I had really missed the launch of National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios report (FES2020) this year. If you don’t know about FES; it a continual scenario planning Read More »

Blog: Adapting to the new normal

One of the great pleasures of working at EMEC is meeting the people who choose to come and work here, people who are willing to work on something new and inspirational, people who are willing to put their shoulders to the wheel and try and change the course of our previously carbon-based future. As part Read More »

Guest blog: Orbital Marine focused on the future

Written by Dave Flanagan for as part of the Promoting Orkney project (part financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Orkney LEADER 2014-2020). Construction work on an innovative tidal energy device destined for Orkney waters is continuing, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “On the other side of COVID-19 there’ll Read More »

Blog: This is not a drill

What do you do when the fire alarm goes off? Stop what you are doing. Take some simple precautions (grab your coat, shut the windows to reduce the impact). Exit the building by the safest and shortest route, and call the fire brigade. Assemble and take stock. Only re-enter the building when told it is Read More »

Blog: EMEC 2019 in review

Diversification: From ocean energy to energy systems EMEC is best known as the world’s leading facility for testing and validating wave and tidal energy devices in the sea. As our operations have developed through the years, we’ve gained unprecedented experience in demonstrating ocean energy technologies, and providing technical and business support to our clients. We’ve Read More »

Blog: Corrine’s three-month review of EMEC

Corrine Sinclair joined the EMEC team as our Contracts Manager in August, returning home to Orkney from Glasgow where she’d been working for the last 8 years running her own legal consultancy company working initially with Marine Scotland and subsequently in a variety of legal disciplines. Corrine shares her first three months experience of EMEC Read More »

Blog: Ocean energy reports focus on unprecedented generation; increasing the need for revenue support

In recent months we have seen the publication of a number of ocean energy reports, which have highlighted the pioneering developments in ocean energy activities across the globe. Europe are continuing to lead the world in ocean energy deployments, with record volumes of electricity being achieved. In 2018 alone, European tidal stream installations reached 26.8MW, Read More »







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