Blog: Ocean energy reports focus on unprecedented generation; increasing the need for revenue support

In recent months we have seen the publication of a number of ocean energy reports, which have highlighted the pioneering developments in ocean energy activities across the globe. Europe are continuing to lead the world in ocean energy deployments, with record volumes of electricity being achieved. In 2018 alone, European tidal stream installations reached 26.8MW, Read More »

Blog: The world is watching

There was palpable excitement among EMEC colleagues on Friday night when actor and environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio, shared the World Economic Forum’s video on Instagram showcasing the renewables revolution taking place here in Orkney. He has garnered well over one million views for this video over the weekend alone. The video itself was launched during DAVOS, Read More »

Blog: EMEC 2018 Highlights

It’s happening! 2018 has been an exciting year for us. We’ve seen the viability of tidal energy proven with GWh’s of generation, continued demonstration of the survivability of wave energy, and we continue to diversify having overseen Microsoft’s underwater data centre deployed at our wave test site, and have launched some major hydrogen related projects. Read More »

Guest blog: Low-down from EMEC summer interns

EMEC had the pleasure of hosting three student interns this summer; Truce Jack, Michael De Bruin and Chris MacDonald, who have kindly shared their experience with us. To hear all about their time at EMEC, watch the vlog below or read Truce’s personal account. Truce Jack - My time at EMEC My summer at EMEC was not my first Read More »

Blog: Is a Great Stink on the horizon for climate change?

EMEC’s Managing Director, Neil Kermode, attended the Global Engineering Congress at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) last week and has returned encouraged that the corridors of power are waking up to the need to tackle climate change. But will it take an equivalent ‘Great Stink’ to compel them to act? I had the good Read More »

Blog: Musings from ICOE – is the UK missing a trick?

Fresh from attending the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) in Cherbourg last week, EMEC’s Managing Director, Neil Kermode, urges the UK not to repeat the failures of the past by being timid and ineffectual when supporting a nascent technology; the time has come to commit to making the UK a prosperous, decarbonised and green economy by Read More »

Blog: Data centres – why Orkney?

Amongst the blizzard of publicity around the deployment of the Microsoft data centre in the water at EMEC a question kept coming up in interviews ‘…. er … why do it in Orkney of all places?’ Surprisingly it took a few goes to get an answer to that question and there are hard discs somewhere Read More »

Blog: EMEC 2017 highlights

A Ground-breaking year for marine renewables in Orkney 2017 has proved to be a busy year for marine renewables here at EMEC. We have welcomed back some returning clients, have witnessed some tremendous achievements from those testing at our sites, have been assisting new clients in readying their technologies for deployment over the coming months, Read More »

Blog: Fully Charged | Orkney setting the scene for the future of renewables

Fully Charged is a YouTube channel focusing on electric vehicles and renewable energy, hosted by writer, broadcaster and actor Robert Llewellyn (also known for his roles in Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge and Carpool). The Fully Charged team visited Orkney earlier this year, to see for themselves how the islands are setting the scene for the Read More »

Blog: Calum Davidson (316 to 403)

Having been unable to get to Calum Davidson’s funeral I have been reflecting on the side of his life I saw. Calum was one of the movers in Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) that over a number of years stoically helped make marine renewables a reality in Scotland. As Director of Energy he helped manoeuvre Read More »







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