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Press release: EMEC seeks feedback from industry for P2-002

Pelamis P2-002 at EMEC Billia Croo wave test site

P2-002 at EMEC Billia Croo wave test site

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is seeking ideas on future learning opportunities and R&D projects which may benefit from utilising the Pelamis P2-002 wave energy prototype.

The P2-002 is a 750kW wave energy converter, developed by Pelamis Wave Power, and tested at EMEC’s Billia Croo wave test site by ScottishPower Renewables from 2012-2014.

The device comprises five sections connected by hydraulic rams.

Measuring 180 metres long, and four metres in diameter, the device weighs approximately 1350 tonnes.

EMEC recently acquired the P2-002 from ScottishPower Renewables who had been developing the technology prior to Pelamis Wave Power going into administration in 2014.

Currently based at Lyness in Orkney, EMEC is exploring options around using the P2 device as a test rig, envisioning that it could be used for testing materials, components, or other open-sea tests.

Neil Kermode, Managing Director at EMEC said:

“A lot of learning and experience has already come out of the P2 development and testing programme, with a significant amount of data being analysed by Wave Energy Scotland who own the other P2 device – the P2-001.

“While it’s unfortunate that Pelamis Wave Power is no longer operating, we want to see their legacy live on and I believe that there will be opportunities to use the P2 device within other R&D programmes.

“We have learnt in 13 years of running a test centre that nobody has perfect sight of all the ideas that are out there. Therefore we’re keen to hear from anyone with an idea on how to utilise the technology.”

Barry Carruthers, Strategic Innovation Manager at Scottish Power Renewables added:

“With EMEC’s full-scale testing platform and the momentum created by Wave Energy Scotland, Scotland remains the leader in supporting wave energy development. It is important to build on the investment and experience to date to support the next phase of the wave energy industry.

“EMEC is ideally placed to provide the expertise and experience required to help move wave power forward.”

Contact us on +44(0)1856 852060 or email info@emec.org.uk

Wave Energy Scotland decommissioning P2-001

Meanwhile, Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is planning to decommission the Pelamis P2-001 device acquired in December 2014. The device has completed over 15,000 hours of operation on-site at EMEC during which time a significant amount of data was accumulated and operational experience gained. This is complemented by results from the previous knowledge capture project carried out by WES on the development of Pelamis.

Tim Hurst, WES managing director, explained:

“Pelamis was an important break-through in wave energy converter development. It has created a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology development and operational management. Our role is to build on this and use the Pelamis experience to accelerate wave energy technology development for the benefit of Scotland.”

This knowledge, now under the custodianship of WES, will be used to help progress the sector and ensure the valuable knowledge and experience is not lost. WES has been in contact with original component manufacturers to help identify components from the P2-001 machine which warrant analysis to determine their performance during the at-sea testing. These components will be removed for investigation with the remainder of the device being dismantled.








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