Our history

Our history

Key events
2001Recommendation made by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee
2003EMEC established
2004Wave test site at Billia Croo opened
2004Pelamis 750 began testing at Billia Croo and became the world’s first floating wave energy device to generate electricity to the national grid
2004EMEC initiated development of industry standards
2005AW Energy undertook mechanical testing in the shallower waters at the Billia Croo wave test site
2005UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accreditation obtained
2005Land-based surface visible wildlife observations programme at the Fall of Warness began
2006Tidal test site at Fall of Warness opened
2007EMEC won the ‘Commitment to Research and Development Award’ at the Northern Star Business Awards
2008At the Fall of Warness: Open Hydro became the first tidal turbine to generate electricity to the grid in the UK
2008Acoustic baseline equipment and methodology developed for the Fall of Warness
2009At Billia Croo: Aquamarine Power launched their near shore ‘Oyster’ device, which was the world’s largest working hydro-electric wave energy device
2009Land-based surface visible wildlife observations programme at Billia Croo began
2010EMEC expanded its wave and tidal test sites, installing three new cables and fitting bespoke cable-end terminations to existing cables
2010At Billia Croo: E.ON deployed the first second-generation Pelamis device – the P2-001
2010At the Fall of Warness: Tidal Generation Ltd (TGL) began generating to the grid from their 500kW DeepGen tidal turbine & Atlantis Resources Corporation installed their AK-1000 tidal turbine, subsequently replaced by the AR-1000
2010Fisheries project established to investigate the possible effects of marine energy converter deployments on resident crustacean species at Billia Croo
2010Acoustic baseline methodology and characterisation initiated at Billia Croo
2010EMEC, alongside Global Marine, J+S, and Draka, was awarded Most Effective Tidal Energy Project Development of the Year at the International Tidal Today Awards
2011New wave and tidal test sites opened at Scapa Flow and Shapinsay Sound for smaller scale test and demonstration activities
2011At Billia Croo: Aquamarine Power installed their second generation Oyster 800 wave energy converter
2011At the Fall of Warness: ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest installed their HS1000 tidal energy converter and Scotrenewables Tidal Power Ltd deployed their SR250 floating tidal turbine for the first time.
2011At Shapinsay Sound: Flumill became the first developer to deploy at the newly opened tidal test site for smaller scale developers
2011Strategic alliances formed with Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), Canada and the Ocean University of China (OUC).
2011EMEC began a collaborative project working with 26 wave, tide and wind testing facilities around Europe in the Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network (MARINET) project
2011EMEC won the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Scottish Environment’ award at the Scottish Green Awards
2012EMEC announced collaboration agreements with Japan , South Korea, USA, and Taiwan to support the development of marine energy test facilities across the world
2012At Billia Croo: Wello Oy deployed their Penguin device on site for the first time ; ScottishPower Renewables deployed its Pelamis P2-002 device on an adjacent berth to E.ON; and Seatricity began installation of their 'Oceanus' wave energy converter from their manufacturing base in Stromness
2012At the Fall of Warness: Alstom (formerly TGL) began work to replace its 500kW device with its 1MW 'DeepGen' tidal turbine
2012At Scapa Flow: Nottingham University deployed its Energy Bag at the smaller scale wave test site
2012Integrated Marine Energy Measurement Platform, designed by EMEC, installed at the Fall of Warness
2012EMEC was awarded various accolades through the year include the ICE President’s Award for Energy Infrastructure at the British Construction Industry Awards, the Flagship Project of the Year at the British Renewable Energy Awards, and Best Renewable Energy (Offshore) Award at the Energy North ceremony.
2013EMEC celebrated its tenth anniversary, with a variety of events throughout the year.
2013EMEC hosted a Global Ocean Energy Symposium for marine energy test facilities in Orkney showcasing the world-leading work that is taking place at EMEC
2013At the Fall of Warness: Voith deployed their Hy-Tide 1MW turbine
2013At Shapinsay Sound: EMEC welcomed Nautricity to Orkney with their CoRMaT tidal turbine
2013EMEC announced a collaboration agreement in Singapore to support the development of a scale testing facility in the country.
2013EMEC’s Neil Kermode awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award at the Scottish Green Energy Awards.
2014EMEC continues to explore options for further expansion to accommodate more developers at EMEC’s wave and tidal test sites







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