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Press release: Government of Barbados take in Orkney and Scotland marine renewables success

Government of Barbados visit to EMEC (Credit EMEC)

Government of Barbados visit to EMEC (Credit EMEC)

A delegation from the Government of Barbados have visited the Orkney Islands and Glasgow to learn how Scotland has become an international leader in marine renewable energy. The 11-strong delegation undertook the technical tour under the Ocean Energy Component of the Public Sector Smart Energy Programme.

The delegation included representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy, Town and Country Planning Development Office, Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance, and the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification. The Barbadian utilities were also represented, Barbados Light and Power Limited and Barbados National Oil Company, as well as the EU’s External Action Service.

Hosted by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), the delegation spent two days touring the world leading centre’s wave and tidal energy open sea test facilities, witnessing Wello’s Penguin wave energy converter, Orbital Marine Energy’s (formerly Scotrenewables) record-breaking SR2000 tidal turbine, and EMEC’s onshore substations.

The delegation met with Orkney-based marine energy stakeholders including Aquatera, Green Marine, Wello, and the Orkney Islands Council to learn from Orkney’s marine renewables success story.

This was followed by a meeting with members of the Sustainable Islands International programme at Scottish Government’s offices at Atlantic Quay in Glasgow. This included ITP Energised, Aggreko, Wood, Star Renewables and Ricardo Energy & Environment who lead the Sustainable Islands International programme.

100% renewables by 2030

Currently Barbados is heavily dependent upon fossil fuels and has set itself some strong targets of 100% of electricity generation from renewable energy sources as well as carbon neutrality by 2030. With many islands in Scotland already delivering this at a smaller scale, and many Scottish companies supporting the delivery of similar targets internationally, there is a strong synergy between the energy objectives of both countries.

Ocean energy is a key part of the Government of Barbados’ strategy, including ocean thermal energy conversion, offshore wind (fixed and floating), sea water air conditioning and wave power.

Orkney – over 100% renewables today

Orkney’s reputation as a leader in the marine renewables sector is global. The scale and breadth of the endeavour has meant that Orkney is one of the first communities in the world to generate over 100% of its electricity use from renewables. It has led technological advancement in wind, wave, tidal, energy storage and hydrogen; and through employment, community projects, micro installations, energy efficiency measures and local investment the direct benefits have already reached many Orkney households.

Sustainable Islands International members, such as EMEC and Aquatera, have played a leading role in building this reputation. Orkney continues to show it is a world leader in the demonstration of innovative solutions, with concepts developed and projects delivered by many companies based in Orkney.

Scotland’s experience and expertise in delivering island energy systems extends beyond Orkney and includes a number of companies who are members of the Sustainable Islands International programme. Many of whom have delivered systems in Scotland and internationally, including as far and wide as the Caribbean.

The programme looks forward to a reciprocal visit soon, to explore future opportunities.

The Sustainable Islands International programme is being led by Ricardo Energy & Environment and is funded by Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

For further information on the programme, please visit the SII website or contact info@siiscotland.com.








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