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Press release: Ocean energy reliability workshop at EWTEC 2019

International research projects RiaSoR2 and MONITOR, which are designed to improve the reliability of wave and tidal energy converters, have joined forces to organise an ocean energy reliability workshop to be held alongside the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC), in Italy.

The OCEANERA-NET and Interreg Atlantic Area funded projects are collaborating to share learnings with the aim of supporting the progression of wave and tidal energy.

The workshop will be held on 3 September 2019, from 15:30-19:00 at the Renaissance Hotel Mediterraneo, Via Ponte di Tappia 25, 80133, in Napoli.

Ocean energy developers and other interested stakeholders are invited to attend.

Registration is free. To book your space email carly.tait@emec.org.uk. Invitation and invite and be downloaded here - MONITOR RiaSoR2 Reliability workshop Invitation.

The workshop will include the following:

Monitoring and reliability of wave energy converters (WECs)
• Monitoring guidelines
• Quantification of load uncertainties in the design process of a WEC
• Reliability assessments
• Monitoring system
• Training package

Multi-model investigation of tidal energy converter (TEC) reliability
• Computer modelling
• Lab modelling
• At sea testing, including case studies from Magallanes and Sabella.

Michael Togneri, MONITOR lead partner said:

“Working in collaboration to bring these two reliability focused projects together, provides an excellent opportunity to share learnings and ultimately support the development of ocean energy technologies. We encourage interested stakeholders to attend and participate in the workshop.”

Johannes Huffmeier, RiaSoR2 lead partner, explained:

“RiaSoR2 is building on the success of the RiaSoR project, which developed a theoretical reliability assessment guideline for WECs and TECs. RiaSoR2 aims to enable developers to validate their findings and establish a practical, condition-based monitoring platform to prepare for future arrays, where big data handling and processing will be vital to drive down operational expenditure.

“This workshop marks the end of the RiaSoR2 project and we look forward to engaging with the ocean energy industry to discuss the outputs and share the learnings.”

The MONITOR project is led by Swansea University, and brings together the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), ORE Catapult, Magallanes Renovables S.L., Région Normandie, Sabella S.A.S., Universidade do Algarve, Université Le Havre Normandie and University College Cork.

The RiaSoR2 project is led by Rise Research Institutes of Sweden, and brings together Waves4Power, Synective Labs, Ocean Harvesting, K2 Management, EMEC, ORE Catapult and Alkit Communications.

For further details on the workshop go to http://www.emec.org.uk/ai1ec_event/ocean-energy-reliability-workshop/?instance_id=1570









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