Scotrenewables SR2000 being deployed at EMEC tidal test site (Credit Scotrenewables)

Scotrenewables Tidal Power

Founded in 2002, Scotrenewables Tidal Power Ltd is an innovative Scottish engineering company focused on the development of tidal energy turbine technology with the potential to produce a step-change reduction in the cost of energy from tidal currents. The company currently employs around 25 staff with offices in Orkney and Edinburgh.

Scotrenewables’ technology is a unique floating tidal turbine designed to provide a low cost solution for simplified and safe manufacture, installation, access and maintenance along with the ability to use low cost, small workboats for all offshore operations. The device hosts two propellers which fold up while being towed.

The technology has been under continuous engineering development, including rigorous testing of scaled systems in both tank conditions and open ocean environments. In 2012 the company achieved a world first when it exported power to the UK grid from its 250kW floating scale model, the SR250, at EMEC’s grid-connected tidal test site at the Fall of Warness. The 250kW device, measuring 33m long, was constructed at Harland & Wolff in Belfast in 2010 and weighs 100 tonnes. Initial tests involved short-term deployments of the device on its moorings followed by disconnection and towing back to harbour for inspection. The testing programme was undertaken in incremental stages, culminating in a three-month period of continuous grid-connected operation at the end of 2012.

Building on the success of SR250, Scotrenewables have recently developed the SR2000, a larger 2MW ‘commercial scale’ turbine more suited for tidal array deployment. Since arriving in Orkney waters in June 2016, the 63m, 500 tonne machine has undergone a series of successful tow trials where simulated flow conditions behind a tow vessel enabled the technical team to commission systems and complete functional tests in a controlled fashion ahead of starting its grid connected test programme.

The SR2000 was first deployed at EMEC’s tidal test site in October 2016. The SR2000 project has been supported by Scottish Enterprise’s WATERS II scheme along with investments from Scotrenewables’ shareholders which include ABB, DP Energy, Fred Olsen, Total and Scottish Government via the Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF).  The testing programme at EMEC is also supported via the FORESEA Interreg-NWE funded project.

SR1-2000 generation milestones

Horizon 2020 FloTEC project

Scotrenewables has recently been selected by the European Commission to lead on the engineering and delivery of an enhanced model of the SR2000 machine. Leveraging £7m Horizon 2020 funding Scotrenewables will lead an industrial consortium to optimise the SR2000 under the FloTEC (Floating Tidal Energy Commercialisation) project which is scheduled to run until 2019.


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